“The Worst of all Listeners is the man who does nothing but listen”. - Charles Dickens When is the last time do you think you heard someone say and try their way to persuade you and help you to do the right thing or make you realize to fight for the right way to follow, for solving your problems? Of course, maybe around two or four years back, when you had your most important person near you, always, to share your greatest happiness and darkest fears and worries, but now that person is not with you anymore, and the last thing we lost souls do, is to expect someone to come in our life just like our past important person. If we say this out loud to some practical and insensitive person, the most probable answer we will get is- ‘you can’t expect everyone just like you want. The above quote is written by a world-renowned poet, critic, novelist and author of some of the best children's books- ‘Charles Dickens’. But why a renowned international celebrity writer like him, wrote such a harsh truth about people? They say that the connection of hearts is much stronger than the connection of blood, but still at a very young age Charles Dickens was cast away by his school and community because he was forced to help his family to pay the money off debt, but often when Charles Dickens started writing, he wrote in one of his articles that how can the society cast him away at such a young age of 12, when instead, they should’ve helped him to complete his studies and school? Charles Dickens’ growth and development years saw various and harsh situations for children who were poor and miserable and used to face the insensitive and narrow-minded actions of the society. Most of his work as a writer and a social reformer was for the betterment of children. But why am I telling you about his work and life history? You might think that how come this essay relates to 7 billion people in this world? It does. It does because he as a child and as a growing adult saw the harsh society which is filled with these 7 billion people. No human on this earth has come without the sad and miserable parts of his or her life. Each one of us faces, has faced or will be facing one’s hard times at some point in one’s life but there is nothing more new in that. Everybody knows that. ‘No pain, no gain’. You are one of those people, and when you lose your fight, what do you do? How many of you have their guardian angels or in simple terms, that important person to stay beside you and help you to be strong again and fight for it again? There are times when we don’t feel lonely even if we are alone and then there are times when, even a hundred known people around you make you lonely. Even if some of us don’t expect people to be the way we want, isn’t it unfair for them to be so insensitive? And it’s not like those people are like that to only you but to maybe some more who they might know from very close. But again, this is also a bit negative to say, because in between those monotonous listeners too, there are some who must have faced ignorance so much that it has become a habit of them, that they don’t feel like consoling anyone, but it’s wrong to continue that habit if you truly feel that someone might need your advice, even if it is little motivating words to regain his or her strength again. Just like I said before, there are hard and difficult times in everyone’s life but it’s not right to develop them as habits that neither nurtures oneself, nor makes someone else feel good about it. You must have heard this famous action word called, ‘bitching’. Have you? If you don’t know what it means, then let me tell you- ‘bitching means, the action or practice of making spitefully critical comments’ or in simple terms, ‘when you complain and make unkind remarks about something or someone. Remember the word ‘someone’ here dear listeners, yes ‘someone’. Even if our conscience speaks from inside that we are saying wrong and more than that thinking wrong about someone, just because we don’t like them, we still deliberately speak ill of that person. But you know, what is the best part of this? More than hurting that person, we don’t realize we are lowering our own dignity in front of our realism. You should do it more than since it is the best part, isn’t it? We might give the excuse that we are just doing it for fun but it’s that slow and gradual process that ruins one’s life one day. How it ruins, you may wonder. Well of course, by gathering up every dark and negative thought inside you. And through the simple use of common sense, we all understand that it is not a sign of a good person. They say that if you can’t help someone by doing good then don’t ruin them and your own humanity by doing bad, but again how will one know who is a better or a worse listener. Technically, listeners here are of two types- one who will say a few glitch clauses to pour sympathy into your heart and second who will genuinely try to pull you out from that demise no matter how deep you are stuck inside. They will help you as your own but surprisingly there is a type third too; it’s the one who will listen, might not say anything that moment but from somewhere or from someone, you will hear about bitching stories and it will be too late to realize that you trusted your worries to some blockhead. Nothing is wrong with feeling annoyed and irritated from a person who always cries in front of you due to his or her hard times but it’s wrong to feel like that if you are not helping that person in any way possible. Some people are there who make themselves so habitable with their worries that they forget to start walking without a clutch and always try to depend on it. That is something which actually makes you annoyed and somehow disappointed in those types of people. What can I say? This world does revolve round and round just like our mother earth and listeners and the people to whom we listen are equally responsible for the demise of humankind. What if I say that before letting someone else listen to you, you don’t listen to your own mind and heart? What if I am right that listeners are worse when they ignore someone real needy of little motivated words and empathic attitude? The above two questions are to both listeners and to whom we listen because listeners are those too who don’t understand and accept their own self-worth and importance in their life. Yeah, it is true. How many of you are out there who deliberately listen to their heart when they are doing something wrong or making an important decision of their life? How many of you can actually go against the wrong and stand for the right? A very few, right? Those very few were the ones and still are the ones in this new era who’s making a change into this world. There is this line from the movie, Jai Ho that says- ‘One man can make a difference, and kind of the same quote was told by Mr. MG i.e; Mahatma Gandhi- ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world’, but again who is so insensible in this today’s world that they will read these non-sense quotes and try to bring a change first in their life. My quote and the title above by Charles Dickens is as simple as it spells, but what I doing is reminding the worth and true reason of its existence. Quotes like them are needed so that, instead of deadly and devastating wars and shameless politics, we can save this world and its humane spiritual ethics along with our existence.