I go to my college every day by bus. It's almost a journey of one and half an hour. I see different people on the road.   There are people going on the bike,    There are old people selling vegetables and fruits, There are people praying in the temples, There are some mad person who beats everyone coming by her way, There are people who beg for their living, There are people fighting on the road, There are people jogging in the morning, There are people rushing for their work, There are families going to a picnic, There are people listening to music and not caring about the world, There are people spitting on the road, There are people cleaning the roads, There are people like me who watch other people, There are people opening their shops, There are people buying groceries in those shops, There are people striking on roads, There are people taking a dead body, There are people celebrating their success, There are parents dropping off their children, There are people crossing the roads, At last, there are also people who urinate on the roads. So, What does the word people mean? Is it just a few human beings together? Maybe it is more than that. I was just thinking what can people do? Do they just wake up, eat, work and then sleep? Maybe they are capable of doing more than that. Did u ever think about what can people make? Do they just make money for their living? Maybe they make elements that live more than a lifetime. All this time I thought people were just a few human beings living together; But people become a FAMILY, they become FRIENDS, they become a SOCIETY. They just don't eat, work and sleep; they can SPEAK, THINK and FEEL. They just don't make money; they make MEMORIES, make ACHIEVEMENTS and create HISTORY. But, there are two sides to everything. People also become ENEMIES. People can also HURT, JUDGE and DIE. People can also make RUMORS, make MISTAKES and create CHAOS. By the way who are these people?? This is the question each and everyone should ask themselves. People can be anyone They may be the person you love the most or person you don't even care about They may be the ones who teach you or just the ones walking by the road. But all people are important and each one has its own importance. You may not care for them but they will be someone's life and the person you see walking by the road today, maybe the person you care about the most tomorrow. People are the one's Who teaches you all the good and the bad, They give you hope, as well as betray you, They encourage you, as well as pressurize you, They guide you into the path to success, as well as leave you on the wrong path, They will help you, as well as use you, They love you as well as hurt you, They tolerate you as well as torture you. All these are like a package deal, if you trust them then you must be ready to deal with everything. This also means that you must be ready to deal with your own mind. What is the need for us to deal with all of this?          It is during these hard times, I realized the importance of people. A pandemic is not required for you to realize it, just sit in a room and don't come out or talk to anyone for a few days and u will know.  If you are happy, you share it with your close people and celebrate it. If you are sad, they will be a shoulder to cry on. If you are angry,  they calm you down. When you are broken, they stand like a pillar of support. When you are confused, they help you find the right path. If you want a suggestion, they give you advice. To do all this, you require PEOPLE and one day they will also need you.         As said, don't be obsessed or they will possess you. This need of people makes us weak, dependent and vulnerable to them. Everyone must understand that people are necessary but not a necessity. We obsess on people so much that, when they leave us we feel crumbled. We become so dependent on them that, we can't even move a step forward without them. Their opinion becomes so important that, when they say you are useless then you end your life. Everything must have a limit, even people relying on other people must be to that extent that it doesn't harm anyone.          If you let go of the ones you love, they will never go away – Sudha Murthy           The concept of attachment in detachment was thought of thousands of years ago by the love of Radhakrishna.  Lord Krishna had to let go of Radha to save this world from the demon- Kansa. Radha understood this and supported lord Krishna in his every step. But Lord Krishna and goddess Radha never stopped loving each other. Their love is eternal and they made this world realize that for a person to love someone, it is not necessary for them to live their entire life together. The detachment was not easy for even Goddess Radha. First, it was fear, then there was infatuation, then there was pride, then there was ego, then there was love, then she detached from all these emotions.   Many PEOPLE should understand the fact that letting go of your loved ones away doesn't mean you are leaving them, but you are giving them their own space and that you're respecting their privacy.            Swamy Vivekananda also explained the concept of attachment with detachment. He told that we should have the courage to detach from PEOPLE same as the courage we have when we get attached to them. This makes PEOPLE stronger and helps them control their minds. Detachment is not that easy. But once mastered, it will not only change the mastered person's life but adds more color in other PEOPLES' lives bypassing the same knowledge.           Everyone must understand that PEOPLE have priorities, they have choices that may be different from our choices and we must respect their choices and let them go. We see many PEOPLE who will not be able to do this, especially in love. Many PEOPLE try to do suicide if they don't get what they love. Many PEOPLE try to blackmail other PEOPLE if they don't get what they love. Some PEOPLE also hurt others to get what they love. Most of the PEOPLE get depressed if they fail in love.     Amongst the other hard things the pandemic has done to us the only good thing is PEOPLE realizing that Depression is a serious illness that needs to be discussed and PEOPLE need to create awareness about this illness.  Depression, this what most of the PEOPLE of India are facing today and most of us don't even realize that we are depressed most of the time. Indian people are scared even to go near a physician when they have any pain, just imagine the number of  PEOPLE who actually visit a psychiatrist or a psychologist. Not only depression but many people don't have an idea about any mental health disorder and how to take care of a person suffering from them.        Keeping all this apart, I want to conclude by saying that, it is important for PEOPLE to be connected to other PEOPLE in such a way that any disturbances created between them must not affect their minds and their living. It is also important, to learn to search for happiness and find peace in whatever PEOPLE have. In LIFE, knowing where to stop is also as important as, running behind something. After all, PEOPLE and only PEOPLE can make their as well as others' LIFE BEAUTIFUL.